Jul 30, 2012

August Kitten Desktop Wallpaper

August desktop wallpaper calendar kitten - Click for full size, right-click and select save as desktop background
Find the photographer in his eyes, this beautiful Kitten of Summer. A lovely and lucky capture, this feral tabby kitten is our August Calendar Cat! I just love this picture, one of my favorites for this year. I hope you'll enjoy this precious face all month!

Such a beautiful kitty. I know it's not the greatest life, being a feral cat, but I try to make it as pleasant as possible. And now this kitty can have fans all over the world. :)

Did you miss my 600th post? If so, now is as good a time as any to peruse some of my recent photos and thoughts. I'd love to hear from you, too. When I first started this project, I barely posted once every month or two. Somewhere in the middle, I actually posted almost daily but that got to be too much. Hopefully what I'm doing now is about right, but who knows? Get the free desktop calendar, then hang out and look around - be part of our feral cat family.

The desktop wallpaper calendar above is 1680 pixels wide and formatted for wide screens, although there is plenty of latitude for stretching and squishing as needed. For the more traditional 4:3 aspect ratio screens, I'm adding (as usual) a smaller option, below....
August desktop wallpaper calendar kitten - Click for full size, right-click and select save as desktop background

SIMPLE WALLPAPER HOW-TO: Click on the image of your choice to see the full size version, then right-click on it (one-button Macs, use CONTROL-Click).  If  you get the Blogger Lightbox view you might need to click "show original" in the lower left corner, or just proceed to the final step: In most browsers you can set a photo as your desktop by RIGHT-CLICKING on it and selecting "Set as Desktop Background". - This also saves the image to your computer.

Any problems or questions? Am I doing this right?  I haven't had a lot of feedback although people do download the calendars. I thought about making the wide screen one bigger, like 1920x1080? Or 1920x1200? But I don't know what's the best size for the most people. You can let me know on Facebook or Twitter, or in the Comments section!

Thank you for allowing me to share the lives of these cats and kittens with you.

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  1. I see you! LOL! He's now on my desk top - the kitty with the "M" on his forehead! Manly Mew...


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