Aug 2, 2012

Half-Eared Tabby Survivor

Half-eared tabby tom survivor cat
A survivor of our cat trailer fire, Half-Ear is doing fine he just looks funny. And he's lucky to be alive. I won't rehash the whole fire thing; regular readers already know - but if you're a new reader or if you missed the story for some reason you can peruse back through the blog, or just go here.

I still haven't worked what to do about the old trailer because I can't afford to have the old one removed, let alone replace it. But we'll be okay one way or another. The point is, I'm glad that cats survived, even if slightly scarred. We're very fortunate that way, although losses were inevitable.

We just do what we can, and we keep going. Half-Ear is happy to be alive, and that makes me happy, too.

As a reward for surviving it all, Half-Ear will be the cover photo for the Redbubble version of  The Feral Life 2013 calendar. Look for his picture. :)  It should be  out next month.

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