Aug 11, 2012

The World Is Brand New

a tiny tabby feral kitten
For the tiniest tabby feral kitten, the world is brand new. It's full of things that never happened before; full of new discoveries and adventure.

I would like to find a home for tiny tabby, but I know that all the local rescue organizations are overrun with kittens. There just aren't enough homes. It's sad. Many of those other kittens probably won't find homes, either. I delude myself with hope.

They melt your heart, but they also make you cry.... cry because I can't give them what would be best for them - a loving home. You do have to wonder, sometimes, why life has to be so hard, so uncaring. The longer I work with feral cats and kittens, the more I wonder about this.

Tiniest tabby is a girl, by the way, and she has a black bobtail brother.
 A fantasy of mine is for them to get a loving home together. But that's silly. It's like dreaming of winning the lottery. However, sometimes hope is all we have.


  1. These two are so so adorable. I reposted this on my blog. I hope you don't mind - maybe it will help somehow. It directs them right here. I pray they find good homes.

  2. oh my goodness... i dont think its silly- i like to adopt siblings and have done so twice. I so wish i could again now...

  3. Cats have taught me a lot. They never give up hope and neither should we. I hope these two precious kittens find good and loving homes.

  4. Did these beautiful little guys ever find a forever home? I am going through the same thing with trying to find homes for 3 little black feral's that I am domesticating. It's very hard to find homes for them. Any suggestions?
    Good luck and thank you for what you do for cats.

  5. Lisa, not yet! But three others the same age have found homes recently. Some people have good luck using - I go through another rescue organization that uses them and it helps me by putting an organization that has a formal application system into the mix.

    The more time your kitties can spend meeting new people in the meantime, the better. One thing that really improves the chances of adoption is if your kitties aren't too shy with strangers.


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