Aug 9, 2012

Lone Feral Kitten Inspiration

Lone Feral Kitten
"Nothing is withheld from us which we have conceived to do."
I love this little kitten and I love the fact that she has brought herself through adversity to face the world head-on. The sole survivor of her litter, this tortie-tabby feral kitten is braver than most, showing that she is more than willing to find her own way in the world.

Her life consists entirely of firsts: First dangers, first explorations. First learning about how humans can give food. She keeps moving on, trying new things for the first time. She wants to see what's out there. Little feral kitten hasn't seen the whole world, but she's seen enough of it to know she wants in on the action. She wants to live. And I think this is her secret; she has the one thing we all need for a start in life. She wants to....

There are many hazards in life; from sickness to predators, and all have taken their toll. Sometimes survival is just luck. To give up is tempting and easy, for sure; just stop trying. And for those who do stop trying, I can't blame them. In fact, I understand completely. Some of Little Feral Kitten's litter was probably lost that way - it was just too hard to go on. I feel the loss. I can only hope we choose differently.

Little feral kitten is curious and eager to explore. She knows just enough to know there are dangers, but sometimes you have to take risks in life. In her heart, she has great expectations. Nobody knows what the future holds. Even we big-brained humans can only guess. But the adventure of life awaits, and who knows where it may lead?

We all know that life is hard, sometimes; we live it. If bad things aren't happening to us, then they're probably happening all around us. We may feel like it's divine providence we're still here. And of course, sometimes we just get lucky and things go our way. Either way, I guess you never know what will be, and sometimes one lives on hope alone.

I can't tell you how many times in my life I've felt like giving up. And I'm not proud of that. I always think I should be stronger.... better ....more determined. But I'm just what I am, flaws and all. I try to remind myself of what Little Feral Kitten teaches us: before you get anywhere or do anything, you must must have the "want to."

Really, my life is pretty good. I don't want to sound like I'm complaining. I hope your life is good, too! I do get sad sometimes, and sometimes I feel like the pathetic little things I do are all pointless. And maybe they are!  But for now, I want to continue.

I know that every path in life, whether great or brief, has a beginning, a middle, and an end.The longest journey starts with putting one foot in front of another. Nothing is withheld from us which we have first conceived to do. We may or may not make it, but to get anywhere we need to go on. That is, if we want to.

Please want to....


  1. This is so true, so very true. You have to keep putting one foot in front of the other to get anywhere. And this little girl sure shows her determination in her stance and her look. I wish her all the best that her life can give her.

  2. So true. Sometimes I think our animals friends know that better than we do.


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