Sep 6, 2012

The Calendar is Here! Feral Life 2013

It's the main thing I do to help feed and provide medical care for the feral cats: The Feral Life photo art calendar. All year, I've been working on this project in the background - finding just the right images for every season and every month.  And it's also true that I'm never really satisfied but at least in this case I feel that The Feral Life 2013 is the best yet.

This year I've found the highest quality printing at the best price point. It's been tough because all the printing services keep jacking up the cost, making my choices somewhat frustrating.. While I will be making a Zazzle version available (the service we used last year, and still my main go-to service for prints and t-shirts) this year's best bet is They've kind of thrown themselves into trying to be the best there is for calendars and my author's galley print says mission accomplished. It's the best quality glossy heavy art stock paper we've seen since the Redbubble prints, but this one is affordable.

Oh, and another new thing: This calendar has both US and Canadian holidays - plus Feral Cat Day.  Canadian FCRP fans are no longer shortchanged. I'm really happy about that.

Please check it out, and if you have any problems let me know. This is a new printer for me and while the calendars are the best yet, I don't really know how well they're going to be with customer service, etc. So let me know!

The more adventurous among our little family on the Internet could consider submitting product reviews/stars - it helps. And everyone, I hope you'll share this calendar far and wide! See it: The Feral Life Photo Cat Calendar 2013.
Support independent publishing: Buy this calendar on Lulu.


  1. This is an excellent cause I am eager to support. May I link to this post from my blog, and the button too?

  2. Chriss... if i may suggest... Why dont you put together a press realease or an info flyer about your calendar... something a little more than this with maybe a snapshot of what one of the calendar pages actually looks like- I'd be happy to post it on the EFA Blog as a special feature !

    Something to consider, if you'd like ? You can always contact me thru my etsy shops: or

    best regards,

  3. Robin, of course! And thank you. :)

    Nicole, that sounds interesting. I'll see what I can come up with.


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