Oct 16, 2012

Feral Cat Day: It's About You

Feral cats: They are here because of humans. They want only to be safe, to not be hungry, and to survive. They are mirrors of who we are.

When a pet cat is dumped or abandoned, it is called a stray. It hasn't really strayed, of course, it has been left behind to fend for itself. It's a pet, not  a wild animal. And it needs a home. When the abandoned cat has kittens, those kittens are feral. They don't know the love and companionship of humans, as their mom and/or dad once knew. But they can learn.

The lives of feral cats can be very difficult, as we know. We just don't like to think about the fact that we (collectively as human beings) are the cause of their suffering. But at least a few people work to mitigate the damage; to make life a little better for these beautiful animals.

So I want to take the opportunity of Feral Cat Day to talk about the unknown soldiers of mercy - the few, the humble, the saints. Listen to me: there is one of these souls near you!  I don't know her name (or his), it's up to you to find them. If you can't help, at least say thank you.

I will mention a few that I know of, and you can find your own if you look:

Cat Eyes - A Cat Woman's Photos - Jody is the best cat trapper I know. Nobody works harder to save our furry friends. Nobody. Jody works day and night doing the thankless job of making the world a little bit better. She asks for nothing. In a more just world, Jody would be a superstar, the idol of millions for her selfless dedication and incredible work. In our world, you probably didn't even know she was there. Fix that.

No Cat Left Behind - Who on earth tries to tame feral cats and find homes for them? Hardly anyone. Alicia Harrington can and does help feral cats become pets.

United PAWS of Tillamook. Theoretically, a whole organization dedicated to the care and rescue of cats. In practice, two or three people do pretty much all the work. They've helped me with spay/neutering, and I've helped them with trapping. My work may well have been impossible without them. Patricia Bumgarner, who recently stepped down as head of the organization, is a saint. If you ever meet her, remember that.

And of course there are thousands of other cat ladies and men who work in anonymity, doing the greatest work to alleviate suffering... and it pains me to admit that I don't know who they are. You should find the ones in your area.  And while I'm on the subject of hidden saints, let's talk about the people who really help me. Readers like Patti Arnold of Art and Sew Forth have helped get the word out there. She's really helped the kitties to be seen and appreciated. I bet many of the readers of this blog are only here because of her. When you think of those who have truly blessed the homeless kitties of the world, think of Patti.

But wait, there's more ....

Before you look up, look down... The ones who give the lives of the kitties you find here their meaning in so many ways. The ones who will remember the littlest lives, and honor them.

Yes. It's you.
You're the one .... The real list is at the bottom, on the left. Go there. Visit some of our angels. Find out more about them. Go on, you can do it....

It's Feral Cat Day. And now you know who makes it all possible.


  1. Oh Chriss - it's humbling to even be mentioned as I look at you and so many others who are out there doing the 'dirty work' so much of the time. You are such an angel to so many and yet so unnoticed. I suppose that is the way of angels though....
    I know I've said it before, but thank you again for your unending love for these fur friends.


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