Oct 17, 2012

Hiding Cat

Hidden beige ginger feral cat
Camouflage can be a very handy thing. We are happier if we underestimate the dangers that feral cats face and frankly I would rather not think about it. But predators do lurk and I try to provide some control through lighting and other means.

The cats know.

And frankly, people are pretty scary too. Sure, I take care of them, but I also see the news stories about people who do terrible things to cats. I'd like to euthanize those people. But I can't.

...Now please go back and read the previous post if you missed it, and visit our heroes. 
--- Oh, and special thanks to Layla Morgan Wilde of Cat Wisdom 101 for her article about the feral cat rescue project.


  1. sad lee there bee mor harm done ta ferals FRUM peepuls than predators....

    R mom never understood why de werd "human" is part oh de werd "humane" when mor often than knot....


    hope everee one there haz de best day they can


  2. Understand your sentiments exactly. And agree! What a beautiful kitty!


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