Nov 26, 2012

Little Lion Cat

Little Lion cat, orange feral tom cat
Yes, I've photographed him a few times before, but Little Lion has an interesting face and it has been awhile. So here he is!

Little Lion got his name for his strong facial features. He is unique among the feral cat colonies. We have many orange/ginger cats but his face is truly striking.  Little Lion looks like a tough guy, for sure. His features are really intimidating. The truth is that he exercises an abundance of caution and mostly keeps his distance (as you see here) ...except for feedings. When I'm feeding he will cautiously walk up to me and sit down two or three feet away from me, and look me straight in the eye. He keeps watching me for any sign that I might acknowledge him and throw food in his direction.

He gets his food, of course. He is grateful.

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  1. little lion; ewe bee one kewl dood !!! we bee happee yur mom iz takin care oh ya



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