Nov 5, 2012

Napping Orange Fluff

Orange-ginger long hair cat sleeps
Sitting atop one of our bucket shelters, a very fluffy orange-ginger tuxedo tom gets a little nap while it isn't raining.  There are many hazards to feral cat life but all things considered, life could be a lot worse. Well, for these guys anyway.

We manage to give them places to sleep and we also manage to keep them fed, although barely so at times. Everybody is competing for food right now; I think it has to do with some instinct to fatten-up for winter.

Don't forget to get your feral cat calendar for 2013! It's not that far away, you know. Check out the link on the upper-right sidebar. There are two options this year. Personally, I think the Lulu calendar is more solid, but it's also plainer, so you have a choice.

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