Nov 14, 2012

The Invisible Cat

A cat that is invisible, on the fringe of even feral cat society
The cat I never see at feedings, photographed with a 400mm lens and still barely more than a spec until the image is close-cropped. Even without participating in the feedings he looks well-fed. He, for his own reasons, has decided not to socialize with the other members of his cat community.  Were it not for this photo, he would be effectively invisible.

This tabby is either a great hunter, or he sneaks food after I leave. Either way, I guess he's doing okay. It's not really safe out in the woods though; I particularly worry about coyote predation. But he has to make his own choices.

Here's the thing: The world is full of invisible cats. They are out there, just trying to survive. They've figured out that people can be dangerous (and they're right about that). These cats want to live and they're doing their best. One can only hope that somewhere, somehow, some ONE is caring for them.

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