Nov 18, 2012


Peng - her name means Fair. Here she has a little cold still, but not that long ago she was a very very sick feral kitten. She was so sick, she looked dead. The vet thought she wouldn't survive. But with 24 hour care and medicine, we changed all that. Peng turned out to be a friendly and unafraid little manx - one who loves everyone and loves life. Today, she has a forever home with a loving family.

Bai, his name means white. Like, if we said Bai Mao - we would be saying white cat. It isn't clever but I had moments to name him before he went to the vet. He's a fortunate kitty. I was on my way to the vet with two sick kittens, Peng and Penny and I made a lucky grab, snatching this little boy from certain death. Dr. Yackley worked him into the schedule: Antibiotics, worm medicine and flea treatments saved his life.  Now he has a home of his own where he can be Bai hu .. the White Tiger.

Penny was named for a character on The Big Bang Theory. She has cute white socks and even when she was a feral she had a pretty laid-back personality. Then she became a pet. Then she got a home of her own.

This is what the Feral Cat Rescue project is all about. And it isn't just me, out there hunting for lives to save; spending my time and money rehabilitating the unloved cats of the world. No. It's really a lot of people. And it's you, the reader.

Thank you.


  1. Fantastic! ConCATulations to Peng, Bai and Penny on finding those forever homes. And thank you for all you do for so many feral cats! :)

  2. conga rats penny, bai N peng on yur new forever homes N heerez hopin de rest oh de kittehs in de colony gets a forever homes two




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