Dec 6, 2012

Old Calico-Tabby Girl

calico-tabby mix feral cat, or maybe a torbie senior cat
Another senior member of our feral cat family, Calico-Tabby is a shy girl who often hangs out on the peripheral area when I'm feeding, waiting to pick up food that falls close to her, or just waiting for me to leave.

She looks a lot like the one I called Original Mom or Grandma Feral Cat - she was the best mom, and hasn't been with us for a few years; she passed away on September 24, 2009. But this old girl is probably her daughter. I don't know her age but I'm guessing she might be 10 years old. That's definitely a senior cat, if we were talking about an indoor pet - it's very old for a feral cat.

We love all the kitties and we appreciate the beauty and color she contributes to the colony. Basically she's just a quiet, peace-loving girl looking for a little food and a dry place to sleep. It's all one can ask for, really.

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  1. meowloz tabby girl...nice two meet ewe.... we can see strength in yur purrsonalitee....knot ta menshun a gorgeous coat !!! hope ewe N yur familee haza grate thursday



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