Dec 4, 2012

Old Tortie Girl

Old Tortie, a tortoise shell feral cat story
She's been around a long time. You can see one ear is clipped and she's gotten a little chubby over the years - but that's really nice to see on a feral cat.

Ol' Tortie Girl has almost gotten tame over the years. Not quite, but enough to where she will come up to me to ask for food... and not leave until she gets it.

In a feral cat colony like this, nobody is here forever. Come to think of it, none of us are here forever, or even the amount of time we were expecting. I feel sad when we lose cats I know and I will definitely feel sad when Ol' Tortie Girl is gone. She's not a pet, but she is a friend.


  1. I feel the same about the feral I am caring for. She may not LIKE me, but she likes that I put out food and leave the garage door cracked. I have seen her several times over the last couple of days...she runs out of the garage as I get ready to leave and sits close until I am gone...and goes back into the garage.

  2. feral ore knot; de kittehs iz yur familee; we noe it will be sads ta see her go N hope full lee that will bee manee yeerz frum now....

    veree nice ta meet ewe ole storeez ewe could tell huh....



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