Feb 3, 2013

Widget Cat on Truck Roof

tabby cat widget on old farm truck roof
Yep, it is that same old farm truck that belongs to my sister, and the same old tabby tux that belongs to Bob. It's a great platform to keep an eye on things.

Widget is a cute little guy. He had a rather hard time recently when his owner Bob had to go to New York City to do an art show. He was inconsolable and didn't eat for days, poor guy. Bob is back now, though, and Widget is all better again.

I haven't been taking pictures as often, lately; the weather hasn't been great - and that's been on top of my add and my heart condition acting up. It just hasn't been a good week. There's no point in complaining, though - after all, we all have things that get in the way of doing what we want. That's just how life is. Hopefully there will be better times ahead, though. We always hope. :)

1 comment:

  1. meowloz widget...glad ta meet ewe...glad bob iz bak sew ya start feelin like yur ole self again...few pizza piez shuld help ta get ya bak on trak !!!


    N pleez ta tell chriss her kneads sum trout !!! a trout a day keepz de uggeez a way

    hope everee one haza happee herring monday


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