Feb 5, 2013

Star Cat

Star Cat the semi-feral tabby tux cat
Kind of named for the little star on his forehead, combined with an accidental film photo that made him look interesting.  Take a look at this post and you'll see the origination of Star Cat's name!  It's an older post from 2010 and back then I was almost always using film rather than digital for my cat photos. I think it was a bit of a light leak prior to processing; it made him look like he was kind of posed in a stage light or something. Anyway, it looked cool and it gave him a name.

Star Cat is only about half feral. He was one of the ones I tried to tame as young kittens but he never found a home of his own. He's pretty used to us around here, though. I can't really pet him but he's not exactly afraid, either. His mother is "Good Mother" tabby, a kitty we see here from time to time as well. They are good friends, by the way, and often hang out together.

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  1. veree nice ta meet ewe star cat...we just saw yur other picture frum may oh 10 and itz rockin !!! itz nice ewe N yur kitteh mom can still chillax two gether...its way nice yur purrson mom takes way awesum photos !!! enjoy yur day :)


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