May 12, 2013

Crawlspace Tabby

crawl space tabby cat
I snapped this photo of  an unfamiliar tabby in the open part of the crawl space under my sister's house. I don't really know this kitty, so I'm just calling him Crawlspace Tabby for now.

Since I was out in the bright sunshine and looking into relative darkness, I really had no idea if this photo would come out, I just wanted to capture a cat we hadn't seen before. Completely unnoticed by me - probably because of the light contrast - I didn't see the black cat standing on it's hind legs to the left/rear of Crawlspace Tabby. That would have been a good shot in itself but all I could see was black... until I worked with the photo, and then it appeared like a ghost!

Happy Mothers Day cat and kittens


  1. happee bee lated momz day chriss ta all de kittehs...even CT & ghost kitteh !!! veree nice ta meet ewe CT...chriss getted an awesum pick sure oh ewe :) !!


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