May 8, 2013

Georgia Sun and Shade

Tortie cat Georgia half in sun, half in shade
Not the state, but the pretty tortie cat named Georgia. Here she has found herself a spot where she can be half in the sun and half in the shade. She was just rolling around on the grass having a good time, enjoying her life. I just happened to catch her between rolls.

Georgia is tame, basically speaking. We had her up for adoption as a kitten but when there were no takers she just ended up staying here with us. It's not the good life that a beloved pet might have but it's better than many cats.


  1. georgia...veree nice ta meet ewe; ewe R one gorgeous gal for and outta de sun !! enjoy rollin in de grass....enjoy yur week oh end anda happee motherz day chriss frum all de kittehz ewe look out for.....frum all de kittehs ewe look out for !!


  2. I have lots here who originally were up for adoption but never got a home. She's lovely!


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