Jun 17, 2013

Eyes Watching

Feral Cat On The Cat Condo
This is a very pretty feral cat and an extremely shy one, too! Here I caught her perched on top of the "cat condo," with pieces of the destroyed cat trailer in the background. She's keeping a close eye on me; not wanting to leave her sunny resting spot but not willing to let me get close, either. I think she should have a name, but I haven't thought of one yet. If something pops into your head, let me know!
-From my Flickr stream


  1. another furtastic pick sure chriss !!

    how bout cottonball..her ree minds uz oh those cottonballs that float off treez and de dandelionz when they bloom ~~~

    veree nice two meet ewe pretty lady... pleez feel free ta trust chriss coz her iz ther ta help ewe best her can...ask around...


    hope ewe all haza grate day !!

  2. Cottonball, that's really cute! I like that. :)


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