Jun 13, 2013

A Tabby Cat In The Grass

A Tabby In The Grass
Hiding in plain site, relatively speaking: A young tabby thinks he cannot be seen amid plant life. His face is partially obscured by alfalfa waving in the breeze, but I still saw him.

Well, hiding skills are important for a feral cat, after all. You have to find some cover and keep really still. :)

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  1. dood....meowloz two ewe....we loves yur coloring..another grate pick sure by mom chriss....N hay...sum kitteh haz sum catitood...we loves yur facial eggs pression little one !! ya look tuff aza tiger...N ya can bee one if ya think ya are ! hope ewe N de crew haza grate week oh end...we be outta heer til monday; enjoy N happee dadz day ta all de dadz in de colony :)


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