Jun 11, 2013

Hipstamatic the Cat, Again

torbie feral cat named Hipstamatic
We catch this kitty in this pose on more than one occasion. She's a lovely tortie/torbie cat that was accidentally named Hipstamatic. Yeah, it's silly, but I explained why in another post. If you missed the story and don't feel like reading the linked post; it all started when I took a picture of her as a little feral kitten, using the Hipstamatic phone app, which I then posted on Flickr. Well, the title said "Feral Kitten Hipstamtic"  - I meant the phone app, but people thought it was her name. Oh well. I think it's kind of cute in a way.

The weather has been better the last few days and cats have been taking advantage of it all. Rainy weather is coming back soon, though. And as we all know, most cats don't like to get wet. In the meantime, though, it's fun in the sun.

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  1. veree nice ta see ewe again HIP !!!! chriss did a GRATE job capturin yur colors thiz time...yur coat iz ROCKIN !!! hope ewe have been well...pretty much de same ole same heer in trout...sleep, nap N snooze !!! enjoy yur few dayz oh good weather !!



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