Jun 10, 2013

Tabby On A Tractor

Tabby Cat On Tractor
Content on his throne, more or less, one of our feral cats relaxes to enjoy some late afternoon sun. I don't know about that expression on his face. I think it might have something to do with me interrupting his nap.


  1. dood...yur coat iz AWESUM...we loves yur markings :) veree nice two meet ewe...we will call ewe tot ( for tabby ona tractor ) !!!! hope chriss let ewe gt bak ta sleep :) enjoy yur afternoon N haza grate week ahead ~~~~~~~~~~

  2. Vision, my river cat, loved to play on the machines the city had down along the river, including tractors, to destroy her home, the river bank, to revamp the park. A tractor seat must prove irresistible for a cat.


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