Jun 23, 2013

Georgia Loves Some Grass

Tortie cat Georgia eats grass, Orange cat Coppertop watches
Tortie Cat Curious Georgia seems to be enjoying a bit of grass. Meanwhile, the fearless orange feral Coppertop has noticed that I'm taking pictures and now she wants to get in on the act.

Here comes Coppertop, she's skirting around Georgia - who is happily munching away - in order to come around to where I'm kneeling on the path. She's hoping for a little attention...

Long story, short: Georgia finished her grass and Coppertop managed to get petted. A happy ending for all.

1 comment:

  1. hey ewe gorgeous gurls.... a happee monday two ewe N de crew....N yes, most definitely a good day... cat grass, sum head scritches N loves, rollin in sum dirt, sun shine...doez knot get much better... less ya had sum mice fora snak !!!!



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