Jun 26, 2013

Cat Conference At The Cat Condo

Cat conference at the Cat Condo
Four cats get together at the Cat Condo (my now-deteriorating early attempt at a cat shelter) to discuss things. I'm not sure what they're discussing, perhaps it's the lousy food service (only twice a day) or maybe they're talking about me....

Well, for all their possible (or imagined) complaints, I think they have pretty good lives for feral cats. If there were more homes, we could do better - but we work with what we have.

1 comment:

  1. guys...we....loves....this.....pick....sure !!!! thiz iz one oh chriss's best yet ....

    N we think de food service iz pretty good...we onlee get foods twice a day heer....

    n de cat condo looks pretty good two...itz shelter frum de storm, place ta chillax N keep warm...ore kewl...and looks like itz prettee
    pop ewe lur !!

    oh...N we talk bout R mom all de time two...just knot when herz a round :)



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