Jun 28, 2013

July Desktop Wallpaper Cat

Desktop Feral Cat Of The Month. Click for large size, then right click to set as desktop
Monday is the first of July, and our feral tom tabby cats is celebrating...by napping quietly. That's why he's the cat of the month for July. Our free desktop wallpaper calendars, besides featuring cute kitties and a useful calendar, also serve as a good reminder of those innocent creatures living in less-than-ideal circumstances, who are just trying to survive.

The above version is for WIDE screens. It's native size 1920 by 1080 to cover cinema displays. This size also fits 1600x900, 1366x768 - up or down in size quite a bit... basically any wide monitor size. You should pick your wallpaper based on the aspect ratio, and this one is for all the wider sizes. Now, older "wide" monitors like mine will leave a little bar at the top and bottom (mine is 1680x1050, it's an older "wide" resolution) but it will look fine - especially if you change your desktop background color to black.

We haven't forgotten the older 4:3 "TV" ratio screens either! My sister still has that, at 1280x1024 or 1024 by 768. I have an old laptop that uses this ratio, too! The one below is that standard ratio (not wide) and will work on anything from 640x480 on up!

SIMPLE WALLPAPER HOW-TO: Click on the image of your choice to see the full size version, then right-click on it (one-button Macs, use CONTROL-Click).and select "Set as Desktop Background".(Firefox) / "Set As Background" (Explorer) - This also saves the image to your computer. Using Firefox, it will usually look best if you use the options "Stretch" and a black background, like this:

The latest versions of the Chrome browser make it a little harder: Right-click and select "Save image as..." Remember where you saved the file. Then go to your desktop, right-click, select the "Desktop" tab, click "Browse" and navigate to the place where you saved this file. Select the file and click OK.

Any problems or questions? Leave a comment and we'll see if we can work it out. Or visit me on Twitter or Facebook.

Want to help? Check out the sidebar!  Give the gift of CATS! Check out my art prints for sale. T-shirts, too. All of this helps take care of the kitties. NOTE that the Oregon legislature is trying to shut down small rescues like me; by imposing expensive license fees and random inspections. It's pretty stupid because it's just going to make life harder for the kitties. I thought you should know.

 Thank you for being a part of our feral family.


  1. dood...a way awesum pick sure anda grate poze....penny for yur thoughts buddy....yur coat N markings R awesum by de way....

    we hope ewe N de crew haza grate week oh end...enjoy N haz sum fun~~~~~~~~

    chriss; I don't understand how the state can come in and impose taxes and such; isn't that somewhat like trespassing when they are on YOUR property...not to mention I would think the fact the cats are feral; and YOU technically don't "own them" per say..how they can do this...say if three cats are living there; first they have to be able to "find" them and next they have to be able to prove they are yours....they for all intents and purposes be the neighbors cat from 10 miles away.....

  2. Yes, it's pretty crazy. What I've read is that basically this is a bill written by the Oregon Humane Society, and they're pushing it because they get a portion of the licensing fees AND it drives pretty much everyone else out of rescuing.

    It's written so that if you take care of 10 or more non-livestock animals and "solicit or accept donations in any form" you have to be licensed, pay an annual fee, and be subject to random inspections.

    It's especially sad because this is Oregon SB 6, which was intended to increase penalties for animal cruelty, which is great - but then they added all of this stuff to get rid of basically any animal rescue that isn't the Humane Society.


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