Jun 29, 2013

Bike Tour Caleb and Marilyn the Cat

Caleb and Marilyn the cat bicycle tour
Caleb and his cat, Marilyn - on a long-distance bicycle tour - all for the glory of God. That's what Caleb told me, anyway, when I met the two of them recently in Lincoln City, Oregon.

I spotted a bicycle parked with a cat tethered on a harness right next to it. Needless to say, that got my attention, so I walked over to say hi. It was at that point where Caleb showed up and told me his story. He tells me he's ridden over 3,000 miles with his kitty. From southern California all the way up to Spokane, Washington (well north and east of me) ..and now back down the coast, headed for who knows where.

 This is where Marilyn rides, much of the time - on Caleb's shoulder. She has a child-trailer bed, too, though. But she generally prefers to ride on her owner's shoulder, with some breaks taken in the handlebar bed, which gives her a third location to ride.

Marilyn in her handlebar bed. She's a very docile cat! And she seems happy. I hope she is, anyway. She's certainly seen far more of the country than most cats, and Caleb clearly loves her (and she loves him).

Anyway, I have Caleb's contact email if someone wants to get in touch with him, but I won't give it out to just anyone. You have to have a good reason - such as a major publication that wants to write about Marilyn the traveling cat. I think it's worth knowing more, don't you?

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  1. Bike Gypsies :) How interesting. what a cute couple. I just hope they stay safe !

    btw- i think you are right... there's a little coffee table photo book opportunity... if it was still the 80s it would get published in a snap.

  2. Well, I wasn't thinking in terms of a book. I was thinking more like a magazine article in an actual magazine - about Marilyn and Caleb.

    I'd also like a real journalist to interview Caleb about his trip. It will probably never happen though. A post on THIS blog is doing incredibly well if 200 people see it. It's almost not worth doing. Some things deserve more attention, I think.

  3. Hey,

    I never got your name, but you met us at McDonald's. You wrote a blog on us.

    I love your work and after I read your tribute to FloJo, I let Marilyn outside (on a leash, of course).

    I hope all is well, because it is over here. My trip ended in Corvallis, Oregon and I have just finished a book about it called Fog on Fire. Here's the website: www.fogonfire.com

    Well, I look forward to hearing from you.


  4. Great! I'm glad you found my blog post; I always wondered what happened to you. :) If you're on Facebook, be sure to look me up there. I post a lot on cats, meditation, spirituality and science. And I'm working on a book on God and quantum physics. :)

  5. meowloz two ewe marilyn !!! we hope ewe N yur dad R doing well, we will chex out dadz blog N see if we can lurn mor bout hiz adventure !! ♥♥


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