Jul 4, 2013

Star-Cat's Hiding Place

Star-Cat, often photographed and definitely a star among feral cats, has his own little hiding place to rest while keeping an eye on the world.

Poor Starcat has had a rough time of it, lately. About a week ago he came down with a case of Vestibular Syndrome. This causes Star to walk with his head tilted, sometimes walk sideways, and even fall over. It's an inflammation of the inner ear or something like that. He's getting better now but I felt really bad for him.

This is something new for me, but apparently it's something that cats and dogs get sometimes. All these years we haven't seen one case yet in the last two weeks we've had two! This is especially weird since apparently Vestibular Syndrome isn't really caused by a virus and isn't contagious as far as anyone knows. There seems to be no specific cause, in fact, which is why it's a syndrome and not a disease.

Well, at least Star-Cat is getting better, and I'm happy for that. From what I've read online, Vestibular Syndrome usually runs about two to three weeks, so he should be completely over it in a week or so.

He's such a sweetie.


  1. dood...de best oh fishes teo ewe for continmewed good health. sorree ya iz knot feelin two good, we hope bye de time ewe reed thiz, ewe iz on de fast trak ta ree coveree. maybe if ewe had a nice perch pillow ta rest yur head on de nasteez stuff wood come outta yur ear...may be !!!??? :)

  2. He's not over it, but he's feeling MUCH better now. :)


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