Aug 17, 2013

Black Cat Appreciation Day

black cat tongue bath
I read on my Facebook that today is officially Black Cat Appreciation Day. Who gets to decide these things, I wonder? It's a good thing, though; black cats apparently have more trouble getting adopted - and that's just silly.
black cat appreciation day
The top picture is Nano KayKay while the picture above is the feral cat known as One-Eye. As you can see, black cats aren't really totally black if you put them in bright sun to show off their ginger highlights. But in any other circumstance, you'd say that they were all-black. In my experience, they are also smart and friendly.
Someone said that today is Black Cat Appreciation Day

So here's to all you black cats out there ...and the fans thereof. Let your inner panther shine through.

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  1. happee bee lated black cat appreciationz day nano & one eye...frank lee we loves yur coats N due knot noe either why peepulz iz sew stoooooooopid in ther thinkin bout black catz....still.......iznt thiz like 2013 ???!!!

    hay, heerz two a grate day !!!!!!!


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