Aug 14, 2013

Summer Kitten Wrestling

It's Sheldon versus Moonpie for the Siamese Kitten Wrestling championship... or something like that. They make it look deadly serious, don't they? There is much energy to be expended in this bout, that's for sure!

There's a flip .... and a flop! The action attracts a crowd. Or, at least one or two other cats. Seen in this frame is Squeaky, who seemed to find it all very entertaining.  You have to be fast to follow the action, though...
Sheldon splits for cover as Moonpie maneuvers to pounce! It's a little hard to follow at times; mostly a couple white streaks that sweep by so fast you barely know they were there. And as I said, it looks so serious, sometimes....
But in the end, it's just fun and games between two good friends who love each other. Happy times were had by all. And that's just the way life should be.

1 comment:

  1. kittehz N kittehz...welcome ta two nites siameeze wrestlin match
    wear de lite weight champion shipz belt hangs in de balance..

    ding ding thiz korner...weighin in at 1.3 pounds...sheldon de speedster.....N in thiz korner...weighin in at 1.5 pounds....moonpie de moementum....

    de judging oh fishull two night is squeaky.....

    kittehs...take yur kornerz.....ding ding ding !!!


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