Sep 24, 2013

Good Mother

I started calling this tabby Good Mother for her attentiveness to her little son, Star Cat. He was part of a litter she had right before being spayed, and she has remained close friends with him to this day. They are inseparable.

Probably many cats deserve this name; so many mother cats sacrifice themselves for their kittens; it's enough to make a person cry. We've read stories about mommas who've suffered terrible injuries during heroic efforts to save their babies. I could go on and on about that because there are so many stories. This tabby never had to face that, thankfully, but I'm sure she would have done anything she could. So she earned her name.

Sometimes you don't have to be literally a mother to be a good mother: I was just reading about a kitty who was lost during a wildfire evacuation in Texas in a rural area. She was gone for two years and her family never expected to see her again. Then one day, she showed up and they were so happy to see her! And... she brought a little friend. She was not a mom, really; she had been spayed at a young age. But somehow, out there in the woods and loneliness, she had found a little kitten and befriended it. She acted as a mom. And she brought her little adopted friend home....  Read the story of Sushi here.

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  1. what a grate storee bout sushi N ninja...sum times just bein... like a mom... iz just az good... ore even better in sum cases..than act shoe a lee...bein a mom...we loved it, thanx for de link...N good mother; ewe rock....we iz way happee ewe N yur son star still ree mane sew close...heerz ta a grate twoozday ta all !!~~~~~~~


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