Sep 23, 2013

Black Cat Nap

Taking a nap in a sliver of sun, right before the weather turned bad, this is the black cat called One-Eye. One-Eye actually has two eyes, but one of them is clouded and I'm not sure whether he can see out of it or not. It doesn't seem to bother him and overall I'd say he's a pretty happy kitty.

One-Eye is the son of the late Miss Thing and brother of Granny tortie. His little quirks include dancing in circles and massive tail-quivering when he knows it's feeding time. Otherwise, he leads a quiet, peaceful life.


  1. a good monday two ewe one eye N crew.....looks like we think a like....nappin in de sun, thinkin bout food...nappin in de sun....sauce wuz de ultimate tail chaser N me, tail still quivers when ever eye smell me dinner !!! hope yur day iza grate one ~~~~ !!

  2. He knows what is important. Napping. Dinner time. Dancing.


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