Sep 18, 2013

Hammie Lounges on a Chair

Yes, we had Hammie the Bobtail featured here only about a week ago, but I was out today doing some work on an increasingly-rare nice day - and there was Hammie sitting on a sun chair, supervising the yard (or something like that). I thought he was cute so I had to snap his picture!

Hammie is a very handsome bobtailed boy, and he is the brother of Lucy (also a bobtail). He's actually pretty friendly. We tried to adopt him out years ago but we were unsuccessful, so now he's just used to being here with the other kitties.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS5

This is my last chance to mention one of our sister rescuers who has fallen on some very hard times: Lorelei did so much work in animal rescue until very recently. I don't want to belabor this point but I remember she was always doing animal transports and stuff like that. She was an angel. Then a whole lot of really bad stuff happened. It started with her husband dying suddenly. So sad. Then her house burned down and she lost her job. It's a reminder that we're all just on the edge - more than we know or care to think about. Feral friends; can you help? Some of you help me from time to time, and I love and appreciate you for that. But this time, I want you to think of Lorelei.

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  1. hammie...dood...grate pick sure oh yur self buddy...all ya knead iza side tray with a drink ore two, a few ham samiches N sum friez N yur all set...N look at all de grass bee hind ya !!! love it....hope ewe N de crew haza soooper grate day...N best fishes ta yur friends at fund our fosterz...



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