Oct 16, 2013

Friends - Feral Cat Day

Friends, feral cats stick together
Friends. Everyone needs a friend, even a feral cat. Especially when it starts getting colder outside. It's just the natural thing to do.  Maybe they started out as litter-mates, or maybe they just found they had compatible personalities. Who knows? Whatever the reason, they have become friends.

tabby cat friends
And let's not forget the tabbies! In tough times, we've all got to stick together. That's what friends are for.

October 16 is Feral Cat Day. If you happen to have The Feral Life 2013 cat calendar, you've seen that.  I don't know who actually decides these things, but there it is. So you won't miss it next year, why not get The Feral Life 2014?  Anyway, around here, every day is Feral Cat Day.


  1. Happy National Feral Cat Day. Thank you for loving and caring so well for you ferals.

  2. we loves ewe guys !! happee day two ewe.... N manee thanx ta chriss who watches out for.... N over ... everee one...everee day !!



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