Oct 17, 2013

Fun Colored

fun-colored tortie feral cat
Fun-colored is the only expression I could think of, to fit this look. This cute feral just has an interesting dilute tortie coat that looks like faded patchwork. I was thinking that this would be a good Halloween picture but I just had to post it now - and hopefully I'll have something else for Halloween. :)

At first I thought this was the kitty we called Hipstamatic, but the face doesn't look right to me - although it could be the angle. Honestly, I take care of so many feral cats that I lose track, sometimes. In any case, we seem to be putting on a little pre-winter weight, which is good.

All of the feral cats have been extra-hungry, lately. I'm not sure, but I suspect  that cats born wild in this part of the world have a strong natural instinct to put on weight in preparation for the winter cold. I could be wrong, but I've observed this phenomenon in the past. And they're really hungry right now!  I've stretched available resources completely beyond reasonable limits and they still want more. Pardon me while I sigh. They're not really underfed, though, they just think they are!


  1. meowloz turtle.....we just tossed that in...turtle de tortie...anyway....glad ta see everee one iz gettin well fed; we think thiz winterz gonna bee a cold one.....brrrrr....

    an we noe chriss doez knot under feeds anyone....


    all ways let her think ya iz.....all wayz...itz called de ole

    "we iz gonna pazz out rite heer N now if we due knot get sum food like pronto...never mind that we just eated 8 mice" ..... trik ~~~~~

    hope everee one haz a grate day N enjoy de week oh end....wee bee off line til monday !!

  2. "Turtle" ...I like that. :) Thank you! :)


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