Oct 7, 2013

Squeaky, Just being Squeaky

Probably looking for trouble to get into, but not really finding it. It's just Squeaky being squeaky.. Squeaky is the daughter of Dora and she's the most tomboy of the bunch. At one time she was up for adoption but there were no takers so now she just hangs out here. You can pet Squeaky, if she knows you.

1 comment:

  1. meowloz squeaky, we loves yur coloring !!! sorree ya never getted adopted; we noe it stinks but mom chriss N de crew iza grate familee sew it werked out kinda sorta in de end any way huh....hope ya had fun gettin in trubull two day !!! heerz ta a marvelous mackerull monday two all :)


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