Mar 10, 2014

Orange Guy Cat

I took this photo with my little pocket camera; "Orange Guy" is the one and only son of Dora The Explorer cat. He's always had eye problems; it's pretty common among ferals to have one form or another of feline herpes affecting their eyes. Back when I could catch him, he used to get regular treatments that he hated. But they didn't help much. He seems active and otherwise happy, though, so like the rest of us I'd say he's learned to work with what nature has given him.

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  1. anda grate day two ewe OG !!! hope everee one iz enjoyin ther monday N hope that sun izza sign de weathers improvin sum out yur way...heers ta a mackerull munchin day for everee one !! N ya is a good lookin dood by de way ~~~


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