Mar 5, 2014

The Noble Tuxedo

Seated in a regal manner, our noble tuxedo cat quietly observes the world. We don't have as many harlequins as we used to, but this one is the son of the beloved late Shemp, I think. He looks like his daddy, anyway. 

It's not that great of of a picture. I've had so few opportunities to shoot between storms, as I mentioned in the previous post. Even so, we've been needing to see more tux kitties, so here he is!


  1. He is regal looking. Very wet and wild here in the valley today so I can only imagine what the coast is doing.

  2. good day two ewe shemp jr. ewe iz very noble & regal lookin ther dood !!! hope de weather iza bit better twoday for ewe N de crew N de rainz haz stopped N sum shine is shinin down all round !!! heerz two a ton oh trout thurzday ta all !!!


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