Mar 19, 2014

Our Fluffy Orange Half-Tail Boy Again

It's Fluffy Orange Half-Tail again, getting a little bit of rest and sun. Once again, it's just a pocket camera photo - and even that camera has been acting-up, lately. Ah, well.... So anyway, Fluffy Orange looks a little frazzled because all the grass and brush is wet from recent rains. That's probably part of why he wants to dry-off in the sun.

1 comment:

  1. dood !! enjoy sum sun for uz two calendar reeds furst day oh spring.....we haz snow flurreez....WHOA !!!!! hope ewe N de crew iz doing grate on this ton oh toona thurzday.....N another grate snapshot by chriss.....R food serviss gurl could knot take a picture .0997338th az good !!!


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