Jun 11, 2014

Hammie Nap

Oh, it's just Hammie the Bobtail cat again - this time I caught him napping. And he caught me taking pictures, too. He looks comfy, though.

I've been neglectful about taking pictures, lately. I've been taking some classes and have generally been busy working. This coming weekend, I will be away at a meditation seminar; very shortly I will be a certified meditation teacher, and this is all part of the process. I'm really looking forward to it, even if I have just a smidgen of guilt over the kitties: They expect a certain level of service, you know. :)

While I'm away, My sister Judy will be caring for the cats. They'll miss me, I know, but she makes a great substitute!


  1. dood....lookin good buddy...thiz bee a grate color contrast picture ...keep de crew in line while chriss bee gone; see ya soon..... N rememburr ....Judy will think noe matter WHAT ya ask for,...... ewe can haz it !!!

    7 meelz a day, non stop treetz, free use oh all de furniture in de houz :)


    chriss, congrats to you on your teaching certificate, have a safe trip there and back and enjoy !!! and yes the cats will miss you, but they will PRETEND they didn't !!!! laura


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