Jun 19, 2014

Georgia the Tortie

Well, I'm back - and the kitties are happy to see me. Georgia the tortie was right there to greet me, too. Georgia is a very sweet and independent girl: She's really among the adoptable kitties, having been tamed when young. She just never found a home.


  1. meowloz everee one N hi ta ewe chriss...hope all wented well with yur class...we noe de kittehz be veree happee ta see ewe N if yur sister sayz they all pulled sum kinda stunt ore got inta trubull, due knot bee leeve her !! ☺ happee monday gorgeous georgia !! ♥♥♥

  2. Apparently there were meowing complaints - like, "What have you done with our mommy?" :)


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