Jun 23, 2014

Katniss the Kitty Cat

How could you resist this face?  This post introduces Katniss, our newest rescue cat. She was once a very sick feral kitten, but she's feeling much better now. She's been spayed and had her shots - and is very adoptable. I think she's very colorful for a basic tabby cat, don't you?

Katniss is an affectionate girl. This is a big contrast to when she was rescued. For quite some time she was terrified of people. But then she learned that we're okay after all. Now, many adoptable kitties end up not getting adopted, so they have to hang out here with the ferals. It's not the worst thing that could happen, but a loving home is so much better!

1 comment:

  1. veree nice two meet ewe katniss....way happee ta heer yur doin much much better N ewe R a beauty full girl ♥ de coloring on yur tail rocks !!! N stix with chriss ...her N her familee iz veree veree good peepulz ☺


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