Sep 15, 2014

Many Cats, Or A Few of Many

I just haven't managed to get many good pictures lately, so here is a post-dinner collection - several tabbies, an orange and a tortie ... all relaxing after dinner. You could say we see many cats here, but "many" is relative. This is only a small part of the crew here at the feral cat rescue project.

They are a family. Not directly related but they all know each other - and they know where and when there will be food. And when you come right down to it, you are part of their family too - because you see them and know them.



  1. guys...pleez ta tell Chriss her takes GRATE pictures....ree gardless oh de camera her uses, we haz yet ta see a bad foto....troo lee....we loves her werk....neither uz ore de food gurl could take an oh kay foto if a pro waz tellin uz what ta due step by step ☺

    anyway, on ta R greetings...mewloz everee one, happee twoozday ta all N hope everee one haza full bellah...N enjoy de sunshine !!! ♥♥♥

  2. YAY !!!! N we just told de food gurl ta order next yeerz calendar !!! ♥


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