Sep 17, 2014

OT's Precarious Nap

Old Tortie feral cat, taking a nap
It's our old friend Old Tortie - or OT - long-time resident of the feral colonies. She's taking a nap, but in a precarious spot, it seems. It doesn't even look comfortable, yet the look on her face is that of contentment. I guess the angle of the sun was just right... or something?  I don't know but she seems happy and would rather not be disturbed.



  1. She does look like she's in total bliss!

  2. deed thiz iz a lookin a purr content mint.....we hope ya bee dreemin oh what ever makes ewe happee, N when ewe wakes up ewe finds yur dreemz haz come troo ♥

    we bee off line til monday sew heerz two a redmouth whalefish kinda week oh end !! ♥

  3. My tortie girl sleeps like this, but perched on the back of the couch! I'l never understand cat physics…They defy gravity.


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