Sep 25, 2014

Torbie Feral Cat

torbie cat
Just a beautiful torbie for you. "Torbie" is a coined word combining tortie (from the tortoiseshell color pattern) with tabby. You can see both patterns in the cat, although the face is mostly tabby, the blotches of color are more like a tortie cat. This girl is a regular in the colony, and it's always a treat to see her.

Does anyone have torbies as pets? I haven't seen that many. This is a very pretty cat, in any case. And she seems very bright and curious. I'm sure under different circumstances she would have made a great pet.


1 comment:

  1. meowloz two ewe torbie !!!! ewe bee a gorgeous gurl ♥ we haz never hada a torbie in de hole histree oh trout towne; we haz had tabby's, callie coes, tuxies, N everee thing in between frum solid white ta solid black, but...noe torbies :(

    heerz two a grate thurzday two ewe N de crew ♥♥♥


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