Sep 29, 2014

Two Tabby Faces

Two little tabby faces - taking an after-dinner nap. They seem fairly contented for feral cats, don't they? Well, so far I've managed to keep them well-fed so there's that. It's often a minor miracle that I manage to do that month after month. I often wonder how I will pull that off, but then somehow I manage. I'm glad they're happy.

The free desktop wallpaper calendar for October will be published tomorrow morning, (or maybe late today) and here is an advanced surprise for regular readers: There will be a smart phone and a tablet version!  Those versions won't have the nice calendar because it just doesn't work with the vertical format (and the calendar would be hidden under app icons anyway) but I have a very pretty kitty for you!

How about this: If you are a friend of the wonderful cats, you can help me spread the word and get these pretty kitties in front of more people. If you are on Twitter or Facebook, can you post links to the wallpaper post for me? Or cat related forums, for that matter. Let's see if we can get sweet kitties the attention they deserve!  Be looking for the new wallpaper on Tuesday, and spread it around. :)

Thank you so much for being a part of our feral family.

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  1. good after noon two ewe moe & joe !! ♥ thiz bee a grate picture Chriss capshured...N we noe.. ewe noe.. her doez her best...N we noe...ewe noe....ita all veree much appreciated ♥♥ meowloz two de crew anda happee mackerull monday !! ~~


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