Oct 8, 2014

A Little Feral Nap

Finding any old spot for a nice nap - that's what feral cats do. Of course, napping in the wild can be dangerous for kitties, but this is our own bobtail Gray Bob, and he feels pretty safe here.

I wish you could see how Bob comes up to me at feeding time and stands up on his hind legs, as tall as he can, so that I will notice him and give him a special bite of food. Bob has been here all his life and he's not really afraid of me anymore. Now strangers might be a different story, but Bob will touch my leg to get my attention - just to make sure I see his stand-up act.

Have a good rest, Bob!


1 comment:

  1. dood...pleasant dreemz buddie; we hope yur dreemin oh fish N fun, N when ya wake up ya findz all yur dreemz haz come troo....N way kelw trix ya haz lurned !!! stand up for sure !!! ♥♥


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