Oct 6, 2014

Mostly-White Feral Cat

This mostly-white feral tom cat has been a staple of the feral colonies for awhile now. We see him from time to time but mostly he keeps his distance. I'm not sure of his age - he might be the little kitten featured in the banner bar of this site, in which case he was born circa 2003.

Although he's very shy, I'm sure he's glad to see me twice each day. For the food, that is. He's got his own cat business to tend to, otherwise.


1 comment:

  1. MW !!! dood...de wee kitteh in de korner...doez kinda look like ewe...how kewl iz that !!! N tell chriss ewe dont stop by ...just for foodz all de time.......sum times ya like ta get yur foto taken two !!! happee day two ewe...it bee pourin rain heer...a good day to go look for fishin werms !! ♥♥


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