Oct 2, 2014

Hammie Cat And a Strip of Sun

Hammie the Bobtail cat, relaxing in sun and shade, just contemplating the world. Hammie was a rescue kitten that didn't get adopted, so he's tame but is stuck living with the feral cats. He doesn't mind too much; and he does manage to get petted once in a while.

Hammie must be going on 10 years old now, but in some ways, he's still a kitten at heart.  When he was tiny and still on a bottle, he used to like to crawl onto my chest and find a bit of my top to suck on - like a binky.

Today, he still does this when he gets petted.... he tries to nurse. It's innocent and sweet, really. As I said, he's just a baby at heart.....
Hamster "Hammie" the cat, "nursing"

Don't miss the desktop / phone / tablet wallpaper! (Previous post). It's adorable. :)



  1. dood...hammie....ewe iz rockin buddy....N frank lee ya due knot look 10....both yur fotoz R grate !!! we noe a lot oh cats that like ta suckle on cloth....hope ewe N de crew iz havin a mega grate day...heerz ta fish, friez & fun ♥♥

  2. He's precious! This makes my heart melt!!


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