Oct 23, 2014

Old Tabby Mom

feral cat tabby mother
If you look up at our banner here at the Feral Cat Blog, you will see a tabby mother with three kittens. It was my first ever digital camera picture (I used film before that) and very popular - mostly because of the kittens and their expressions. Well, here is the mother from that picture - she's still with us!

I can't remember when I took that original picture now. What it 2004? 2005? Anyway, it's nice to see she's made it this far. It is her intelligence that has saved her all these years. She's smart, curious, and careful. To be a feral cat who survives, you need all of that.

We're happy to see her face and we try to toss a little extra food her way. She's earned it.


1 comment:

  1. veree happee ta meet ewe momma Tee...ewe R lookin good & chriss' photo iz az well...we like how chriss captured ewe N brought ewe front & center !!! way kewl ♥ hope ewe N de crew haza grate fun filled day & yea, ya gotta be street wise in thiz day & age...glad ya haz a place ta chillax a bit N get sum foodz ♥♥♥ !!


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