Apr 22, 2015

Brown Torbie Cat Relaxes

torbe-tabby feral cat in sun and shade
A little sun, a little shade, a little peace and quiet; it's all good for this torbie-tabby feral kitty. Well, other than the inconvenience of having her photo taken, that is. Up to that point, she had been napping peacefully.



  1. anda veree great morning two ewe torbie T & de crew az well.....yur look gorgeouz if we may say, N honest lee, we iz glad chriss waked ya up fora wee minit ta capture yur fotoz...itz awesum....enjoy yur nap, de sun, have a ton oh toona thurzday and waves ta everee one ~~~~~~ ♥♥♥

  2. Wow - you sure have some GORGEOUS cats!!!!


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