Apr 14, 2015

Our Mostly White Feral Cat

Whitey the mostly white feral tom cat
This white tom has been around - it seems like forever. Well not really, but we can still see him as a kitten if you look up there to the top bar graphic, on the right. Yep, that's him! I don't remember when I took that picture, though; it was 2004 to 2006. Somewhere in there....

He has the very uncreative name of Whitey. He's not as white as he was when he was a a kitten, but he still stands out from the rest like a big snow cat.


1 comment:

  1. dood !!! good two see ewe ...hope all iz well N yur feelin like a wee kitten...N whitey iza kewl name !!! de food serviss gurlz gramz name wuz whitey when her wuz wee small... coz her hair bee white az cotton ....stay safe, meowloz two everee one N heerz two a ton oh toona twoozday ♥♥♥


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